24 February 2013

FRC, Ubuntu 12.10, and Soundcloud

Hey guys!

Sorry about the delay... I have been very busy with robots, scouts and school... :)

Okay... First thing first: FRC

If you don't know what the competition is this year, here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itHNW2OFr4Y

We got the shooter working... Here's a video on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OxBH23AM76M :P

We are still working on the climbing arm... We are pretty sure that we'll get it done before the competition...

The competition will be at the centurylink field event center.

Dates for the competition are the 28th thru the 30th of March.

Hope you go!

Next up: Ubuntu 12.10

If you didn't know before, Ubuntu is an adoption of GNOME which in turn is part of the overall Linux family.

Here's the main website: http://www.ubuntu.com/

Linux is an opensource OS... Which means anyone can edit it... For example: iOS is a non-opensource OS, Android is one.

Here's a photo of the desktop environment on the Linux part on my computer:
I usually have the task-bar hidden, which looks like this:
Over all (from a windows xp user... :P) this OS is awesome!!! Sure... I miss some of the programs I had on xp... But, overall this isn't to shabby!

From what I know it's compatible with most pc hardware... :)

Would I recommend it? Total and complete YES!!! If you are confused on some things in ubuntu or want to install ubuntu... Google it!!! :P

And last, but not least: Soundcloud!!!

Soundcloud is a music discovery and social website for the music creators and enthusiasts(like me... :P).

It's very simple to use and has some free music downloads... If you want to check out the song that I think are good, here's a link: https://soundcloud.com/robotob46

That's it for soundcloud... As I said... Very simple... :)

Thanks for all your support by visiting this website and reading the articles!!! :)

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