02 October 2012

Some hardware stuffs

This is my understanding on some of the basics of computer hardware... If you have comments or suggestions, please share! :)

·        What is:

a)     RAM:     RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
b)    GPU or VC:    GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. You may know this component by its other name, Video Card.
c)     CPU: CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.

·        How it works:

a)     RAM:     RAM helps with your computers speed. It does this by storing programs that you have opened so that when you close the program and you want to open it again, it will load faster. RAM resets after you shut-off your computer.
b)    GPU/VC:         The GPU speeds up your computer by adding more graphical power to your applications. And sometimes it will accelerate the refresh rate on your computer. But, that mostly depends on your monitor. It also helps with image processing in photo editing programs, like Photoshop.
c)     CPU:      This is the main component of your computer. The CPU is basically a very complex switch and works with 1's and 0's (on and off... Hence the switch reference. :P).

If you want more info, go to these sites:

Sources: Wikipedia


  1. GPUs also help with image processing in Photoshop and other programs now. You might want to mention that too.

    1. Oh... Yeah... Oops... :P Fixed it... :) Thanks!